Swagbucks Has A Rewarding Week Planned

Swagbucks is just getting better and better. How could it get any better, you ask? Well the only thing I could think of is having more chances to earn Swagbucks. And that's exactly what's happening. TSG(The Swag Guy) made a post in the blog that for NEXT WEEK ONLY Swagbucks can be won a lot more during the day, but they may be in a little bit smaller denominations. As TSG says, "You could win 5 times or more in a given day!". Although he makes a point of saying that this is not entirely certain but it should be better for everyone. Now, on a more long-term note. The polls that you can find here are weekly polls. Well not anymore. TSG has announced they will be turning into daily polls very soon. So what you say? Well TSG is about to shut you up. Now when you answer these daily polls, you will win Swagbucks. With all this in store you better check in on Swagbucks next week. If you want to see TSG's post where he announces all this go here.

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