It's Contest Time!!!

It's time for the first contest for this blog. This contest doesn't really have a specific purpose and is very easy to enter. All you'll need is a google account, a few minutes, and the desire to win a prize.
To enter this contest you have to post a comment on any of the posts made in this blog. One entry per comment, per post. Which means 1 entry for every comment you make and only allowed 1 comment per post(well more is allowed but you'll only get one entry). These comments will give me your google account username which is what I will put in the randomizer to find the winners. These comments should be a suggestion, advice, or a question. DO NOT SPAM!
RULES: No Multiple accounts. No offensive language. Be appropriate. No begging for anything.
This contest will end when this blog gets 2500 unique viewers. How will I know, you ask? On the bottom of the sidebar to the right of this post you will find a counter(Green numbers). That is where I will be checking on how many unique viewers I have had.
Now to the part you actually care about. The prizes! There will be 5 winners to this contest.
The prizes are as follows:
Grand Prize: 1 Person will win $5 Amazon Gift Card
First Prize: 1 Person will win $2 Paypal Money
Second Prize: 3 People will win an advertisement for their blog on the winning post
I would recommend following my blog so you can check in on the counter. Also you'll know when I post the winners to the contest(because you will only have 24 hours to claim your prize once the post is out). Try to make your comment be helpful to the blog, because I will give extra entries to comments that I feel help me with my blog.

If you have any questions then post a comment on here. COMMENTS ON HERE DO NOT COUNT IN THE CONTEST! This contest has begun!

4 Response to "It's Contest Time!!!"

  1. This should be very interesting. May I suggest that use a lighter template for your blog. My vision is not 100% and the black hurts my eyes. But you have a great blog here. Please follow mine.

    Thanks Charles. I like your blog as well. Just in case you missed it. Comments on this post don't enter you in the contest. Just in case that's what you were trying to do.

    Nicole says:

    I love your blog. Just a couple of recommendations. It is difficult on the eyes to read white font on a black background, even for me with 20/20 vision. Also, I suggest making a fan page on facebook, so that people can follow you there too. I see you don't have ads on your page. You can use google adConnect and that is a way to make money off of your blog. How about one of the Swagbucks promote banners? One final thing, you can put your blog on Facebook's networked blogs. That will get you more hits as well.

    Nicole (the one you were talking to last night)

    Thanks so much Nicole. I will be sure to do the things you suggested. Although the new background might be a while.

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