Tons Of Tips- Tip #5

At least once a day(unless I'm really busy) I am going to post a tip about Swagbucks. This tip can be about anything from searching to special offers to the my account page. So check back here everyday to keep up with advice from yours truly.

Tip #5:
Trade In:
Have games you don't play anymore? Have phones you don't use anymore? Why just let the dust collect on them when you can send them to Swagbucks and get something out of it. The amount of Swagbucks you get for it depends on the item. But if you go here then you can get a quote(or estimation on the amount of Swagbucks) for whatever your sending in. Although I've never sent anything in I have heard great things about it. So start blowing the dust off your old games and phones and send them to Swagbucks.

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