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Twitter is a big part of Swagbucks. Swagbucks has their own Twitter account. They have codes every once in a while on Twitter, so you might want to keep checking it out. Swagbucks has a Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays. In this contest that takes place every Tuesday, Swagbucks puts a phrase that you need to use in a playful tweet that advertises Swagbucks. Somewhere in your post you must have @Swagbucks. You can only make up ONE phrase, don't try to make more or you won't win. If you win you get 50 Swagbucks(might be more now because of the big multiplication).

Also Twitter is a big part of this blog. You can follow this blog on Twitter by clicking here. I will post updates on when new codes are out or when a new blog post is out.

Also as you can see at the bottom of all my post there is a retweet button. If you click on it then you will post a tweet linking to my post in my blog. I would appreciate it very much.

Referral's Swagbucks Not Being Credited?

The Swagbucks Wall has been covered with questions of why referral swagbucks aren't being credited. I figured I would answer this question in here so we won't have to keep answering it on the wall.

Swagbucks has addressed this problem in a discussion topic on the Swagbucks Facebook Fan Page.

They plan for referrals to be back and crediting in the next few days. And I'm sure that Swagbucks will make sure the Swagbucks you missed are credited. Just stay patient, there are still a few bugs in 3.0. They will be worked out in time.

To learn how to get more referrals check out my Referrals Guide

Sorry for the lack of posts!

I was in Florida and had tons of stuff to do with no internet access. But I am back. Now to tell you some new things for Swagbucks added while I was gone.

First: Swagbucks 3.0 is out! Now it's 10 times better, literally! The amount of Swagbucks in your account should have been multiplied by ten! Now you can get 10 times as many Amazon Gift Cards? No, the prizes in the Swagstore were also multiplied by ten. Why do this? My guess is that there are going to be a lot more chances to get Swagbucks but they'll only be a single digit amount. Along with the big multiplication the homepage has a whole new look. There are easier ways to get to twitter and facebook pages. Now the Special Offers Codes aren't codes. When you get to the end of the No-obligation special offers page you automatically get those Swagbucks. No more copy and pasting. Also you can do this EVERYDAY instead of every week. Those are the basic changes that were made. Promote Banners have the new logo on them!

Second: Swaggo Is Back! Swaggo was a game like bingo where whenever you got a certain type of prize you got a piece and can win prizes if you get Bingo(or Swaggo in this case). Go check it out.

Amazon Gift Card Quick Guide

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Quick Guide To Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards are one of the most snagged items in the swagstore. A ton of swaggernauts buy these gift cards because Amazon gives you endless possiblities of things to buy. Also for bigger things, using the Amazon gift cards you get from the Swagstore then buying the item off Amazon costs you at lot less swagbucks.

Amazon Gift Cards can be found here.

They are 45 swagbucks and when you snag them you'll get them on the 16th or 1st of the month. You can find them by going to my account and then My Gift Cards. I have gotten 7 Amazon cards which totals $35.

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Swagcodes Guide

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Another way to pick up a few more swagbucks every once in a while, is Swagcodes. Swagcodes are codes you get from the swagbucks creators that give you extra swagbucks. These codes can be found in many places. I will be giving you updates on when codes are out and where to find them. I WILL NOT ACTUALLY TELL YOU THE CODE, ONLY WHERE TO FIND IT!! To use the code copy it, and then go to the homepage and look under the thing that tells you how many swagbucks you have. Under it there should be a bar in a red box and put the code in that. If it worked it will tell you, you have have earned X swagbucks It's against swagbucks rules to post active codes, so i won't be doing that. They may not be for that much but every swagbuck gets you closer to whatever your trying to get. So please subscribe to my RSS feeds so you get the updates for the swagcodes right away.

There are four main ways to get swagcodes. The first way is the toolbar. To download the toolbar go here. On the toolbar there is a button next to the logout button that says "From TSG". If the number near it says 1 it means there is a swagcode out(it still says it when it's expired though). Click on it then find the message and click on it. It will open a new page with the code that will be in quotations. Post that in the place i already told you about. Another place to find swagcodes is on the swidget. To download the swidget go here. Occasionally the swidget will have a code that you can get. But this doesn't have as many codes as the toolbar. Another way to get swagcodes is to join their facebook page. Every once in a while TSG will put a swagcode on there. The last way to get swagcodes is the SwagHunt. A swaghunt is when the swagbucks creators make you have to find all the letters or numbers of the swagcode. These usually start on the blog then make you go looking for them in the swagstore or a sponsored website. Make sure to check out my blog to find out when one of these begins.

Well there you have it that's about all there is to know about swagcodes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at

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This is how to keep in touch with me. I WILL NOT TELL YOU CODES.


Swagbucks Guides

Swagbucks Guides

Referrals Guide

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Introduction to Referrals
The best way to get swagbucks, by far is referrals. Referrals are people you bring to the site. When a person you referred gets a swagbuck by searching you get one too. You can get up to 100 swagbucks they get. In order to get a referral you must use your special link or the banners that are on your page. On the top of the page find the black bar then look on it for Promote. Click it and when it scrolls down press on Promote Banners. When you click on it, it will go to a page that you'll see a guy with a speech bubble with a link inside. That's your referral link and if you scroll down you'll see tons of banners you can choose. Put those on your website or anywhere you want. By the way use the html code not the img code.

Given to me by Adam S. Thanks Adam

First Referrals
The way to start getting referrals is to get your close friends to join. Having them join first is good because they are most likely to be active referrals. And you can always to get them to be more active by bugging them about it. If you are having trouble getting your friends to join, try this tip. Save your swagbucks and order something small from the swag store. Once it arrives at your house, use that to prove to them swagbucks really works.

Getting to 50 Referrals
Once you get your first couple referrals, let's say about 10 to 20, you'll need to branch off a bit. Go for people in your community but maybe not as close to you. Keep trying to make sure they stay active. Go around school and put up some fliers(with permission, of course). Also try to find a place online to advertise(that allows it). Maybe make a video and post it on youtube. The video could be about how to win swagbucks or showing people what you have won.

Getting A Steady Flow of Referrals
Once you have a lot of ACTIVE referrers you should start to find a way to reach everyone you can. You might want to start a blog like this one. The best thing you can do is help people not just try and get more people. People will keep coming back if you try to help. Another thing you can do is get something big like a game system or something a lot of people would want. Then make a video of you unboxing it. Tell them that you got it for free with swagbucks and that it's really easy. Make sure they know your not just trying to make them join for your benefit, let them know that it's a actually a cool site. In your blog and videos you can put tips to getting more swagbucks, although you have probably already been doing this, these tips will seem better. People will think your tips are better because you have become successful using them and will want to try to. This will bring a lot of people to your videos and blog. The last thing is redeeming for a Swagbucks T-Shirt. I've heard many people saying that they were walking around and had people asking them what Swagbucks was. This will probably not get you as many as the other tips but every referral counts.

Now that you have learned the three steps to getting referrals you should start trying them out now. If you have any questions or have another tip I can add either comment this post or email me: Please put in here how this advice was and how many referrals your able to get. Good luck!

Search & Win

Start Winning

Search & Win

What is Swagbucks?
I found an awesome website a couple weeks ago called Swagbucks. If you've never heard of Swagbucks before then I'll tell you all about it. Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google, but when you search you could possibly win a swagbuck. This swagbuck could be in 1,2,3,4,5,10,20,50,100 intervals. Friday's are mega swagbucks days where the chance of getting 3 or more Swagbucks in one search is increased. When you get enough swagbucks you can redeem them for prizes. The prizes go from songs and wallpapers to video game systems and other electronics.

How I've done
I have been a member of Swagbucks since August 2009. I basically only go for Amazon Gift Cards in the Swagstore. $5 Amazon Gift Cards cost 45 Swagbucks in the Swagstore. As of February 15, 2010 I have $35 on Amazon from Swagbucks. I have 11 referrals(People I brought to the site), which is the best way to make Swagbucks. To learn more about referrals go to my Referral Guide. I know a bunch of people who have made hundreds of Amazon Gift Cards.

Starting Tips
1. Make swagbucks your primary search engine. This will make it so if you are searching something for school and your not even thinking about swagbucks you still might win.
2. Get the new toolbar. Swagbucks just introduced a new toolbar that gives you many features. The newest feature is you can get swag codes(codes that you put into the site to get another few Swagbucks) from the toolbar.
3. Follow Swagbucks on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. This really is just a way to keep up with the site in an easier way. These sites will help you keep on top of contests and swag codes.
4. Refer your friends. This is probably the best way to get Swagbucks. When you get someone to come using your link when they get a swagbuck for searching you do too. You'll keep getting those swagbucks up until they have 100. To learn more look at my Referral Guide.
5. Widget. The widget, aka Swidget, has a button on it to keep you up to date if there is a code on it. Put it on your myspace profile or somewhere you will be able to look at it.

Ways To Earn
1. Search. This is the way to start getting your first swagbucks. Search a few times in the morning and night. This should give you at least two swagbucks. Do not search a bunch of times really fast, Swagbucks catches on quick and you won't win like any swagbucks.
2. Shop online. Go to the Shop and Earn part of Swagbucks and look through the stores. Use Swagbucks link to the store and for every $5 you spend you get a swagbuck. I have only done this for Itunes and got a few swagbucks. It's a great feature.
3. Sign up for the Newsletter. Look at the left column on the homepage and look at the third to last choice. It says Sign up for the Newsletter. Click it and put in your email address. Once a month they send out a newsletter with their new features and it always includes a Swagcode.
4. Special Offers. Honestly I don't know much about them but I have heard a lot about them not working. So you can give them a try then tell me how well they work out.
5. Trade-ins. You can trade in old cell phones or video games to get a few swagbucks. I have never done this but I might in time.
6. Make a unboxing video or send in a picture of you with what you got from swagbucks. This gives you a swagbuck. Send in the picture or video to

Swagbucks is a great way to make a little extra money on the side. It takes a while to start earning a lot of swagbucks. But if you keep at it you can make a ton of money. To join click on any of the Swagbucks banners on this post. It goes right to the sign up page. Put in your information and then you are in. Using the banner makes you my referral, which means that for every swagbuck you make by searching I make one too. So I thank you for that. Now its time for you to start earning swagbucks. Good luck. Comment this post with any questions, your progress, or anything you want to say. I will be sure to answer.

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