Twitter Time

Twitter is a big part of Swagbucks. Swagbucks has their own Twitter account. They have codes every once in a while on Twitter, so you might want to keep checking it out. Swagbucks has a Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays. In this contest that takes place every Tuesday, Swagbucks puts a phrase that you need to use in a playful tweet that advertises Swagbucks. Somewhere in your post you must have @Swagbucks. You can only make up ONE phrase, don't try to make more or you won't win. If you win you get 50 Swagbucks(might be more now because of the big multiplication).

Also Twitter is a big part of this blog. You can follow this blog on Twitter by clicking here. I will post updates on when new codes are out or when a new blog post is out.

Also as you can see at the bottom of all my post there is a retweet button. If you click on it then you will post a tweet linking to my post in my blog. I would appreciate it very much.

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