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Another way to pick up a few more swagbucks every once in a while, is Swagcodes. Swagcodes are codes you get from the swagbucks creators that give you extra swagbucks. These codes can be found in many places. I will be giving you updates on when codes are out and where to find them. I WILL NOT ACTUALLY TELL YOU THE CODE, ONLY WHERE TO FIND IT!! To use the code copy it, and then go to the homepage and look under the thing that tells you how many swagbucks you have. Under it there should be a bar in a red box and put the code in that. If it worked it will tell you, you have have earned X swagbucks It's against swagbucks rules to post active codes, so i won't be doing that. They may not be for that much but every swagbuck gets you closer to whatever your trying to get. So please subscribe to my RSS feeds so you get the updates for the swagcodes right away.

There are four main ways to get swagcodes. The first way is the toolbar. To download the toolbar go here. On the toolbar there is a button next to the logout button that says "From TSG". If the number near it says 1 it means there is a swagcode out(it still says it when it's expired though). Click on it then find the message and click on it. It will open a new page with the code that will be in quotations. Post that in the place i already told you about. Another place to find swagcodes is on the swidget. To download the swidget go here. Occasionally the swidget will have a code that you can get. But this doesn't have as many codes as the toolbar. Another way to get swagcodes is to join their facebook page. Every once in a while TSG will put a swagcode on there. The last way to get swagcodes is the SwagHunt. A swaghunt is when the swagbucks creators make you have to find all the letters or numbers of the swagcode. These usually start on the blog then make you go looking for them in the swagstore or a sponsored website. Make sure to check out my blog to find out when one of these begins.

Well there you have it that's about all there is to know about swagcodes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at sb4every1@gmail.com.

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