Sorry for the lack of posts!

I was in Florida and had tons of stuff to do with no internet access. But I am back. Now to tell you some new things for Swagbucks added while I was gone.

First: Swagbucks 3.0 is out! Now it's 10 times better, literally! The amount of Swagbucks in your account should have been multiplied by ten! Now you can get 10 times as many Amazon Gift Cards? No, the prizes in the Swagstore were also multiplied by ten. Why do this? My guess is that there are going to be a lot more chances to get Swagbucks but they'll only be a single digit amount. Along with the big multiplication the homepage has a whole new look. There are easier ways to get to twitter and facebook pages. Now the Special Offers Codes aren't codes. When you get to the end of the No-obligation special offers page you automatically get those Swagbucks. No more copy and pasting. Also you can do this EVERYDAY instead of every week. Those are the basic changes that were made. Promote Banners have the new logo on them!

Second: Swaggo Is Back! Swaggo was a game like bingo where whenever you got a certain type of prize you got a piece and can win prizes if you get Bingo(or Swaggo in this case). Go check it out.

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