Payment Proof- Swagbucks #1

Well, in reality, this isn't my first Payment from Swagbucks. But it's the first proof I am blogging about. But anyways, this payment was different. I got a $5 Paypal Gift Card for 700 Swagbucks. 
This will be $5 total in Paypal Gift Cards.
With $110 total earnings on Swagbucks.


Payment Proof- Neobux #1

Neobux has finally paid off for me. I have been waiting a while to cash out, trying to build up my rented referral's. But, finally got my first pay out. If you don't know about Neobux, check out this post and this one
Now the proof:

Milestone Update: Swagbucks!

It has just occurred to me that I have hit a milestone for Swagbucks. That milestone is $100 of Amazon Gift Cards earned since my registration of August 2009.

Why This Milestone Is Exciting?
Well, first of all, it's exciting because it's $100 that I didn't have before. Also thinking back to August of 2009 I never thought I would make that much money from Swagbucks. I had always just assumed I would make a few bucks and then the site would close down or I'd stop earning. But that didn't happen and now I consistently make about $10 a month.

What May Change?
This has nothing to do with me earning the milestone, but I might start redeeming for Paypal money. Amazon money is limited on what you can do with it. Although it can get most things, I wanted stuff to improve this blog and my other blog. I can't use Amazon money for that. But this will make me have to get 700 Swagbucks to make $5, so I'm hesitant.

Next Milestone For Swagbucks
The next milestone I'm striving for is $250 made off of Swagbucks. I hope to complete it before the end of 2011. We'll see what happens.

Sidetick 2nd Payout

I have gotten my second payout from Sidetick. Sidetick is a website where you make money for using a social networking site, similar to Facebook. Check out my post about Sidetick. This will tell you all the basics to Sidetick.
After this payment I have earned $50 on this website.

Now on to the proof:

Place to Put Your Referral Link While Making Money

Introduction and Update
Hello, readers. Before I get into the real reason for this post. I want to say that the postings I make to this site will probably go down for a while. I started a new blog called Simply Learn Business and I think I'll spend more of the little free time I have on that. I will still post to this blog every once in a while, so subscribing to this blog through email would probably be a good idea. Do that by finding the widget to the right side that allows you to enter your email address. Now, on to the feature segment.

I started writing to make more money. I figured that writing more will strengthen my blog posts. So I started to write to a site called Bukisa. This site allows to make money for the views on the articles you write. Find my articles here. I have written 10 articles and currently have made 14 cents. So in other words, if you want to get rich quick....don't go to Bukisa. It takes time to build up a good stream of readers and a lot of articles. But once you do you can start earning hundreds a month. It takes time to build up but it can be very rewarding.

How can Bukisa help you?
Bukisa is a great place to place your Swagbucks referral link. So all you have to do is write an article that is related to Swagbucks or Making Money Online. This has gotten me a few referrals. I'm sure if I focused more on my referral link I could get more. But I don't. My articles are basically about online business, a subject I have become very interested in. Also Bukisa can become a way to earn you money. For every 1000 views you make $3.22. It's a hard amount to reach but it gets easier and easier. So if you keep out you can making tons of money. Also, as I have already said, it can improve your writing. So if you write a blog, or write anything for that matter, it is a great place to gain some more skills.

Sum It Up
So this post let you guys know about my new blog. Also it gave you another site to earn money from. Lastly it gave you another place to put your referral links. Hopefully this will get you guys tons of referrals. I wish the best to you all.

@Sb4Every1 is the way to talk!

Want to know how you can talk to me anytime?

The way is through Twitter. It's an easy way for you to talk to people. The 140-character limit causes messages to be short and to the point. It's just a great way to stay in touch.

Just follow this process:
First, sign up for your free account, if you haven't already.
Next follow me by going here.
Now that you have followed me, talk to me by adding @Sb4Every1 to your message.

So, now you know how to talk to me. Whether it's just saying hey to advice for my blog. All of this contact will be appreciated and responded to. But keep in mind I am a busy person and might take a bit to respond. I will try to respond to every message promptly. So just come by and drop me a message.

Tweet! Tweet!

Get Your Tips Of The Day!

I have started a Tip of the Day. But I haven't seen new posts with tips on them, you might say. Well that's because this is a tip that is emailed to you. You can get it emailed to you by filling out this form. Once you fill it out you should get the Thanks For Subscribing email. Then the next day and every day after that you will get a tip for Swagbucks. This tip could be something you already know, but I'm sure that at least one tip will teach you something about Swagbucks.

Moving on, I plan to have a weekly blog post going up. The reason is that I need to start making content consistently. In order to do this, with school starting soon, I need to lower the amount of posts that I do. But I plan, and will try hard to force myself, to make a weekly post on a certain day. Not sure which day yet. But I will keep you guys informed. But remember to sign up for my daily tip email.

Earning Has A New Location

On the daily checklist, I made for all you swaggernauts out there there was a section called No Obligation Special Offers or NOSO. This section that gets you a daily Swag Buck has been moved for easier access. This can now be found on the quick links bar on the left side of the homepage.

This link will send you to a landing page which provides you with some information and a link to go the offers. This makes finding this so much easier. It stands out now. And although it said "You are not authorized to access this page". That has since been removed. So enjoy your day and remember to check out the daily checklist to maximize your daily earnings from Swagbucks. Happy Swagging.

Past Payment Proofs

I'm going to make a new section of my blog for Payment Proofs to show you guys that the sites I am using really do work. From now on whenever I get another payment from any site I will post the payment proofs. But here are the past payments I've gotten that haven't been put up yet.


Search & Win
$90 of Amazon Gift Cards


$10.03 to my Paypal Account

$25 to Paypal Account

I Want It And Now I Can Get It

In a recent blog entry, TSG announced that getting the item of your dreams has become even easier. A new feature was added to the Swag Store that makes getting almost any item possible TODAY.

When you click Snag This on an item you want, this will pop up:

Complete that offer and when it credits the item will be yours. The thing is all the offers are different for each person who goes on and each time you go on and for different amounts of Swagbucks. Also sometimes if you complete an offer and still don't have enough Swagbucks to get the item then Swagbucks will take care of the rest and the item will be yours. So go to the Swag Store and find out what you need to do for the item you want.

Another Site to Add To Your Repertoire!

I know that plenty, if not all of you, who read this blog use Facebook. Now what if I told you, you could paid to use it. If you think I'm lying, then stick around and I'll prove I'm not. A site called Sidetick has a format similar to Facebook, but it pays you back some of the money your making for it with each click. Everytime you go to a new page you get a tickbuck. Every 2 tickbucks equals a cent. But other then that there is two things(which I will show later) that when you complete them you get 1000 tickbucks, which equals 50 cents. The payment method is Paypal. You must collect $25 or 50,000 tickbucks on the site to withdraw and get it sent to Paypal. Once you ask for your money then you will have to wait 10 business days to get your money(but I got mine earlier).

In order to get 1000 Tickbucks per day, or 50 cents per day, you have to do these two things. NOTE: You have to do both to get any tickbucks, you CAN NOT only do one and get 500 tickbucks.

First you have to go to your messages, which will be found at the top right side of the page.

Click on the Tip for the Day for that date

View the message then click on the homepage to go to the next step

Find the tab that says Jenny's Blog

Find the topic with the date from Jenny's Blog

Then read the question

Then add a comment, answering the question and post it

How to get the money you have earned into your paypal account.

First go to the blue box or sometimes a very noticeable yellow box, which under the messages link and click on it.

Then click on Redeem your Tickbucks

Fill out with your information

Lastly click Redeem Now

To show you I did get payed:

Sidetick is a great site to make money on, despite it's not very good looking layout. It also has some loading problems, but again it doesn't stop you from earning money. So I recommend it a ton. Just from doing the two things I mentioned earlier, you will have $25 in 50 days. But spend a little bit of time and you should have it way sooner. Good Luck!

Daily Checklist

This post is made to help you guys get some Swagbucks everyday. Bookmarking it and using as a checklist is the way I figured I'd make it for you guys. Each day you should do each of these things in order to maximize your earnings per day. So here it goes.

One of the most obvious ways that you can make Swagbucks each day is the idea that the site was built off of. Making digital dollars, Swagbucks, by searching the web. Search when you wake up in the morning and then again before you go to sleep. You SHOULD, not a definite, be able to win some Swagbucks at these two times. If you search at different times with good results then continue to do that and comment telling us when and how many Swagbucks you earn. Start searching.

No Obligation Special Offers
Every day you can go to this page, a new location which is explained with this post, and then to No Obligation Special Offers and get a buck(sometimes more but not lately). All you have to do is go through the offers, you can skip every one. That's why they call it NO OBLIGATION. You don't need to do any of these offers to get your Swagbuck. So make sure that you do this every day.

Daily Polls
Next, every day you can go to the daily polls and vote on the poll of the day. This will get you a Swagbuck and it's so easy. It takes seconds, so make sure you don't miss out on such an easy swagbuck everyday.

Trusted Surveys
Next way to earn daily is with Trusted Surveys. These are pretty quick surveys that you can do to earn Swagbucks. Some can even get you up to 200 Swagbucks. So that's some pretty nice Swaggage. But, the amount of surveys you can find on your dashboard is not guaranteed. You may not get any, so that part of this is not part of the checklist, but you should check them out. If you go to the dashboard, while the page is loading, you will get a Swagbuck. So that will add one more.

The last guaranteed way to earn daily is by using the Swagbucks toolbar. Using it the first time for the day, maybe for searching, will get you a Swagbuck. That is a very easy Swagbuck to get once you download the toolbar.

Special Offers
You may want to check out the Special offers page without going to the No Obligation Special Offers. There are sometimes some quick videos or other easy offers to get for a couple Swagbucks. This is not guaranteed daily though. But still worth a look.

If you make 1 Swagbuck for each of these things, without anything else then you could get a 450 Swagbuck $5 Amazon Gift Card in 75 days. So worse case scenario you could redeem that $ Amazon Gift Card in 75 days. But with even a bit more effort then the 10 minutes all of these things will take, you should have it way before then. So I hope this helps you guys. Have any questions? Post a comment, I will respond.

Today In Swagbucks (6/29/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy.

TSG's First Post(8:00 AM): Twitter Tuesday Phrase that Pays - 6/29
The word of today's Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays was Swagdependence. In order to enter the contest, follow these steps:
  • First, make sure you have a Twitter account, it's free to create an account and sign up.
  • Second, make sure you follow Swag Bucks.
  • Third, create a message in 140 characters or less that has BOTH Swagdependence and '@swagbucks'. The more creative the better!
  • Fourth, enter that message into the "What's Happening" box on the Home screen. Hit the "Tweet" button to broadcast your message to the world, and sit back and wait for TSG to (hopefully) award you for your wit and creativity.
The announcement for who wins will be on Today in Swagbucks tomorrow.

TSG's Second Post(10:00 AM): Beat THIS Prize...
Go ahead and beat it because this Sound Percussion 5-Piece Drum Set could be yours. A single entry to this Swagstakes is 26 Swagbucks. The winner will be drawn in less than 14 hours. So take the first step to be the rock star you've always wanted to be.

TSG's Third Post(12:00 PM): Our last Winning Winners
This blog post involves screenshots and in order to not have the screenshots taken by TSG on here I'll just give you a link to the post.

TSG's Fourth Post(2:00 PM): The Healing Power Of Jewelry
Another post that involves a link because I can't summarize the words of The Swag Gals' answers. They are just too good.

TSG's Fifth Post(4:00 PM): You Have The Power
To try and get rid of spammers TSG told you how you can help. The way is by flagging them.
Click on flag

Then click on report

Then choose why your reporting

TSG thanks you and so do all the committed members to the Facebook branch of Swagbucks

TSG's Sixth Post(4:00 PM): Video Game Sale... Ending... Thursday...
The 25% off of all video games in the Swagstore sale is all over at the end of tomorrow, which is the end of June if you didn't know. So make sure if you want one of those video games in the Swagstore, get it tomorrow. Not enough Swagbucks, then time to do some more Special offers.

Well, there you have it. Busy day in Swagbucks. Surprising right? I think not.

Today In Swagbucks (6/27/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy.

TSG's First Post(11:00 AM): Search & Win Spotlight: Radical Publishing
Radical Publishing is a comic book company that makes comics for adults. These comics have more complex storylines and engaging content. You can always search with them on Swagbucks. You can get exclusive prizes from Radical Publishing. So if you enjoy comics, head on over to search with radical.

TSG's Second Post(2:00 PM): Winning Tips: Shop&Earn
Another installment of Winning Tips. Tip #6 is Shop&Earn and that's what the post was about. Many stores fill up this section of Swagbucks. The way this helps you is that you get two Swagbucks for every $1 you spend at these stores. So if you have to shop, check out the Shop & Earn section so you can get some Swagbucks while you do it.

Lazy Sunday in Swagbucks. But I gotta do my daily run. So I'm glad I'm back and posting and can wish you a Happy Swagging.

Have you checked out Trusted Surveys?

An easy way to get rich pretty quickly on Swagbucks is by doing some Trusted Surveys. These are pretty quick surveys that you can do to earn Swagbucks. Some can even get you up to 200 Swagbucks. So here's how you can earn some swagbucks with trusted surveys.

Take a look at the left side of Swagbucks' homepage at the sidebar.

Click on the Trusted Surveys button on the sidebar or go right there by clicking this link.

Fill out your profile for the people providing the surveys to want you to take them.

Then it'll bring you to the dashboard where you can see all the surveys(I have none at the moment but you'll see yours if you have one).

You can click on profiles for a way to fill out some mini surveys to get a ton of swagbucks(it'll look like the surveys page and is self-explanatory)

The Trusted Surveys are a really good way to make Swagbucks fast. I made 100 Swagbucks on 1 survey that took me like 10 to 15 minutes. So I hope they are as rewarding for you as they were for me. Good luck and happy Swagging

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