Daily Checklist

This post is made to help you guys get some Swagbucks everyday. Bookmarking it and using as a checklist is the way I figured I'd make it for you guys. Each day you should do each of these things in order to maximize your earnings per day. So here it goes.

One of the most obvious ways that you can make Swagbucks each day is the idea that the site was built off of. Making digital dollars, Swagbucks, by searching the web. Search when you wake up in the morning and then again before you go to sleep. You SHOULD, not a definite, be able to win some Swagbucks at these two times. If you search at different times with good results then continue to do that and comment telling us when and how many Swagbucks you earn. Start searching.

No Obligation Special Offers
Every day you can go to this page, a new location which is explained with this post, and then to No Obligation Special Offers and get a buck(sometimes more but not lately). All you have to do is go through the offers, you can skip every one. That's why they call it NO OBLIGATION. You don't need to do any of these offers to get your Swagbuck. So make sure that you do this every day.

Daily Polls
Next, every day you can go to the daily polls and vote on the poll of the day. This will get you a Swagbuck and it's so easy. It takes seconds, so make sure you don't miss out on such an easy swagbuck everyday.

Trusted Surveys
Next way to earn daily is with Trusted Surveys. These are pretty quick surveys that you can do to earn Swagbucks. Some can even get you up to 200 Swagbucks. So that's some pretty nice Swaggage. But, the amount of surveys you can find on your dashboard is not guaranteed. You may not get any, so that part of this is not part of the checklist, but you should check them out. If you go to the dashboard, while the page is loading, you will get a Swagbuck. So that will add one more.

The last guaranteed way to earn daily is by using the Swagbucks toolbar. Using it the first time for the day, maybe for searching, will get you a Swagbuck. That is a very easy Swagbuck to get once you download the toolbar.

Special Offers
You may want to check out the Special offers page without going to the No Obligation Special Offers. There are sometimes some quick videos or other easy offers to get for a couple Swagbucks. This is not guaranteed daily though. But still worth a look.

If you make 1 Swagbuck for each of these things, without anything else then you could get a 450 Swagbuck $5 Amazon Gift Card in 75 days. So worse case scenario you could redeem that $ Amazon Gift Card in 75 days. But with even a bit more effort then the 10 minutes all of these things will take, you should have it way before then. So I hope this helps you guys. Have any questions? Post a comment, I will respond.


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