Tons Of Tips- Tip #2

At least once a day(unless I'm really busy) I am going to post a tip about Swagbucks. This tip can be about anything from searching to special offers to the my account page. So check back here everyday to keep up with advice from yours truly.

Tip #2:
The Blog:
The Swagbucks blog is a very useful feature of the site. You can access the blog here. This blog is filled up with what's new about Swagbucks. The Swag Guy posts all the new things happening on Swagbucks such as new features, swagstakes, ways to earn, and so much more. You could even find Swagcodes in there if you're lucky. This is another great thing about Swagbucks that you might not have known.

Tons Of Tips- Tip #1

At least once a day(unless I'm really busy) I am going to post a tip about Swagbucks. This tip can be about anything from searching to special offers to the my account page. So check back here everyday to keep up with advice from yours truly.

Tip #1:
If you upload a picture to Swagbucks before April 1st then on April 1st you will be rewarded 13 Swagbucks. You can upload your photo by going here. It's on the left side of that page. Make sure that the photo you upload is appropriate. If it isn't Swagbucks could ban you from the site. Start the Uploading!

So Busy!

I'm sorry. I've been very busy and I still am. I'm doing my best to keep up with Swagbucks. But it's gotten to the point where I barely go on for myself. I will try to start up posting regularly as soon as I can(Hopefully soon).


Lockerz is a site where you can redeem PTZ for prizes. You can get PTZ by logging in, answering questions(called dailies), and watching videos. The prizes are things like video games, snowboards, paypal money, and so much more. Right now they have a contest where the team who wins is the team that can get to redeem things in March. The contest is for the team with the most PTZ. So what team will I be on? Team America or Team International(rest of the world). The contest ends on March 25th, so your going to want to sign up fast as you can to help your team. So how do i sign up? I can invite people through email, so you can either comment with your email address or you can email me: I will email you on the email you send to me, so if you want say what you think i should post about or what you like and don't like about my blog(don't have to but I appreciate feedback). Then I'll send you an email to invite you to Lockerz. Sorry for the bad formatting of my last few posts and the time in between them. I've been really busy lately.

Also check out the posts for:

New Way To Get In Touch!

This is going to be a quick and badly formatted post, because I have a few things to do.

Want to ask me a question about Swagbucks or other Money Making Sites? Well I decided to make an MSN for this site so I can easily keep in touch with everyone. Add me and then send a message telling me something you like or don't like about my blog, it will help me make it better. Thanks. MSN Screenname:

This will also go in the Contact Me post. Just message me with any questions about Swagbucks, CrownGPT, or any other site. You can also recommend other sites to me that I might not know. I'm always looking around. Some sites I know haven't made it to the blog yet. Or if you just want to talk, I will most likely be able to. I might be busy, but I like interacting with my viewers.

I hope to hear from you.


Swagbucks For Everyone has reached 1000 Views!!

That was pretty fast. Less then a month to get 1000 unique views. Thanks for all your support. I will try to continue to provide you with help for Swagbucks and other money making opportunities.

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Add Another 6 Swagbucks to Your Account

Make another 6 easy Swagbucks to get a bit closer to whatever it is you are going for. This is another Special Offers type deal, but this time you aren't going to the No Obligation Offers. You go to the main page of Special Offers which you can find here.

Once you are there you scroll down and find the stuff on the picture above.

Click on Wall 2

The first offer on the page should be this video and have this information. This is the first video that will get you 2 Swagbucks. Just watch the video and then go down to the next offer. The Swagbucks will be added automatically in a few minutes. So scroll down.

Once you scroll down to the bottom of this Special Offers page, you should see this video with that information. Just watch the video and then go back to the Swagbucks homepage. Do what you want for like 10 minutes and by then it should have credited your Swagbucks.

That quick process will get you 6 Swagbucks and you can do it everyday.

If you want to know another site to make money on like Swagbucks go here.


CrownGPT is a Get Paid To site. It has tons of offers that you can do to earn money and then redeem for Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards. The offers can be anything from putting in an email address to downloading screen savers or games. I normally don't try many of the offers but there is an email that they send out and you follow the instructions on the email and it gives you 15 cents. That's what they have in place of PTCs(Pay To Click). The minimum payout for Paypal is $5. It may take a while to get your first few prizes, but if you start referring people then you can start making enough for the prizes in a few weeks. I have already earned a $5 Amazon Gift Card and got it!

So get started by clicking on the banner below.
(It's my referral link so signing up using that helps me so thanks a ton.)

That banner will take you to the sign up page, where you put in your information.

Please do the things below to get the best CrownGPT experience:

Please put Purarnick in the "How did you find us?" box. That will help me a ton. I'll be able to send you messages on CrownGPT to help you too.

Check off this box to recieve the 15 cent email I talked about before. Checking this box will not allow CrownGPT to send you spam, so don't worry about that. If you don't check this you CAN'T get the email. But you may go to your account info and check it off there at anytime.

Say you don't use Paypal and you want to get Gift Cards. Well this means that you need to convert your money into points.
The conversion rate is $1=100 points. $5 Amazon and eBay Gift Cards are 500 points.

The Way You Convert

When you are at the homepage or any page you look over to the left side of the page.

You should see a column like this.

Click on Converter from that list.

This is the converter. Put in the amount of Cash to convert. Then press "Convert to Points".

How to Redeem
Redeeming is pretty simple. But it's different if your trying to get Gift Cards or Paypal money.

Gift Cards
You look back to the column where you found the Converter.

Click on the Redeem Points button.

It will take you to a page with a few prizes like the one above. Just click Request on one of them and it will take you to a page where you put in your email address. Once you do that it should take up to a day to get it.

Go back to the column where you found Redeem Points and Converter.

Click on the Withdraw button.

If you have enough money there will be a request button and it will take you into a place to put your email address. You should get it within a day.

Those are the basics to CrownGPT. If you have any questions or anything else about CrownGPT, comment this blog post. I will be happy to help or hear what you have to say.

Get a Few from No Obligation Special Offers

A good way to get a few extra Swagbucks, that you can do everyday is go to the No Obligation Offers. Starting at the homepage, I will tell you how to do this and get your 1-3(average) Swagbucks per day.

When your at the homepage look on the left side of the page for this column of links

Click on the link that says Special Offers

On the right side of the Special Offers Page you should see a image that looks like this. Click on it.

Then skip through the offers by pressing the buttons like the one above

Finally, you'll get to a page saying how many Swagbucks you've won and they will automatically be added to your account. You can only go this once a day. It may not be a ton of Swagbucks but every Swagbuck counts.

Quick Explanation of Toolbar Codes

The toolbar has many features on it, including a radio, news, and a way to keep up with swagbuck's blog posts and tweets. But one of the coolest features is the From TSG envelope button.

This is the button to press to see if there is a Swagcode out for the toolbar. There should be a one in the parenthesis if there is a new message.

When you click on it a dropdown menu will appear like the one below.

The two messages you see here were Swagcodes that I have already opened

When you click on one of them it will open a new page that will have writing on it and the code is in the parenthesis("CODEISHERE"). I hope you understand how to get the codes now. Have any questions, then email me at

Don't want to miss a post?

If you don't want to miss a post from this blog, there are a few ways to keep up with this blog and be alerted when there is a new post. The first way is Twitter. I have an account on Twitter for this blog and I always tweet when there is a new post to this blog. Click here to go so my Twitter account. The second way is the follow button. As you can see on the right side there are tons of things including the Swagbucks widget. Well one of those things is a follow button, which you can click on and use any of the accounts listed such as a Google account. It's pretty much the same thing as Twitter. Followers on Twitter and this blog are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support.

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