Add Another 6 Swagbucks to Your Account

Make another 6 easy Swagbucks to get a bit closer to whatever it is you are going for. This is another Special Offers type deal, but this time you aren't going to the No Obligation Offers. You go to the main page of Special Offers which you can find here.

Once you are there you scroll down and find the stuff on the picture above.

Click on Wall 2

The first offer on the page should be this video and have this information. This is the first video that will get you 2 Swagbucks. Just watch the video and then go down to the next offer. The Swagbucks will be added automatically in a few minutes. So scroll down.

Once you scroll down to the bottom of this Special Offers page, you should see this video with that information. Just watch the video and then go back to the Swagbucks homepage. Do what you want for like 10 minutes and by then it should have credited your Swagbucks.

That quick process will get you 6 Swagbucks and you can do it everyday.

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