Get a Few from No Obligation Special Offers

A good way to get a few extra Swagbucks, that you can do everyday is go to the No Obligation Offers. Starting at the homepage, I will tell you how to do this and get your 1-3(average) Swagbucks per day.

When your at the homepage look on the left side of the page for this column of links

Click on the link that says Special Offers

On the right side of the Special Offers Page you should see a image that looks like this. Click on it.

Then skip through the offers by pressing the buttons like the one above

Finally, you'll get to a page saying how many Swagbucks you've won and they will automatically be added to your account. You can only go this once a day. It may not be a ton of Swagbucks but every Swagbuck counts.

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