Lockerz is a site where you can redeem PTZ for prizes. You can get PTZ by logging in, answering questions(called dailies), and watching videos. The prizes are things like video games, snowboards, paypal money, and so much more. Right now they have a contest where the team who wins is the team that can get to redeem things in March. The contest is for the team with the most PTZ. So what team will I be on? Team America or Team International(rest of the world). The contest ends on March 25th, so your going to want to sign up fast as you can to help your team. So how do i sign up? I can invite people through email, so you can either comment with your email address or you can email me: I will email you on the email you send to me, so if you want say what you think i should post about or what you like and don't like about my blog(don't have to but I appreciate feedback). Then I'll send you an email to invite you to Lockerz. Sorry for the bad formatting of my last few posts and the time in between them. I've been really busy lately.

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