New Way To Get In Touch!

This is going to be a quick and badly formatted post, because I have a few things to do.

Want to ask me a question about Swagbucks or other Money Making Sites? Well I decided to make an MSN for this site so I can easily keep in touch with everyone. Add me and then send a message telling me something you like or don't like about my blog, it will help me make it better. Thanks. MSN Screenname:

This will also go in the Contact Me post. Just message me with any questions about Swagbucks, CrownGPT, or any other site. You can also recommend other sites to me that I might not know. I'm always looking around. Some sites I know haven't made it to the blog yet. Or if you just want to talk, I will most likely be able to. I might be busy, but I like interacting with my viewers.

I hope to hear from you.

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