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I have started a Tip of the Day. But I haven't seen new posts with tips on them, you might say. Well that's because this is a tip that is emailed to you. You can get it emailed to you by filling out this form. Once you fill it out you should get the Thanks For Subscribing email. Then the next day and every day after that you will get a tip for Swagbucks. This tip could be something you already know, but I'm sure that at least one tip will teach you something about Swagbucks.

Moving on, I plan to have a weekly blog post going up. The reason is that I need to start making content consistently. In order to do this, with school starting soon, I need to lower the amount of posts that I do. But I plan, and will try hard to force myself, to make a weekly post on a certain day. Not sure which day yet. But I will keep you guys informed. But remember to sign up for my daily tip email.

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