Another Site to Add To Your Repertoire!

I know that plenty, if not all of you, who read this blog use Facebook. Now what if I told you, you could paid to use it. If you think I'm lying, then stick around and I'll prove I'm not. A site called Sidetick has a format similar to Facebook, but it pays you back some of the money your making for it with each click. Everytime you go to a new page you get a tickbuck. Every 2 tickbucks equals a cent. But other then that there is two things(which I will show later) that when you complete them you get 1000 tickbucks, which equals 50 cents. The payment method is Paypal. You must collect $25 or 50,000 tickbucks on the site to withdraw and get it sent to Paypal. Once you ask for your money then you will have to wait 10 business days to get your money(but I got mine earlier).

In order to get 1000 Tickbucks per day, or 50 cents per day, you have to do these two things. NOTE: You have to do both to get any tickbucks, you CAN NOT only do one and get 500 tickbucks.

First you have to go to your messages, which will be found at the top right side of the page.

Click on the Tip for the Day for that date

View the message then click on the homepage to go to the next step

Find the tab that says Jenny's Blog

Find the topic with the date from Jenny's Blog

Then read the question

Then add a comment, answering the question and post it

How to get the money you have earned into your paypal account.

First go to the blue box or sometimes a very noticeable yellow box, which under the messages link and click on it.

Then click on Redeem your Tickbucks

Fill out with your information

Lastly click Redeem Now

To show you I did get payed:

Sidetick is a great site to make money on, despite it's not very good looking layout. It also has some loading problems, but again it doesn't stop you from earning money. So I recommend it a ton. Just from doing the two things I mentioned earlier, you will have $25 in 50 days. But spend a little bit of time and you should have it way sooner. Good Luck!

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