Milestone Update: Swagbucks!

It has just occurred to me that I have hit a milestone for Swagbucks. That milestone is $100 of Amazon Gift Cards earned since my registration of August 2009.

Why This Milestone Is Exciting?
Well, first of all, it's exciting because it's $100 that I didn't have before. Also thinking back to August of 2009 I never thought I would make that much money from Swagbucks. I had always just assumed I would make a few bucks and then the site would close down or I'd stop earning. But that didn't happen and now I consistently make about $10 a month.

What May Change?
This has nothing to do with me earning the milestone, but I might start redeeming for Paypal money. Amazon money is limited on what you can do with it. Although it can get most things, I wanted stuff to improve this blog and my other blog. I can't use Amazon money for that. But this will make me have to get 700 Swagbucks to make $5, so I'm hesitant.

Next Milestone For Swagbucks
The next milestone I'm striving for is $250 made off of Swagbucks. I hope to complete it before the end of 2011. We'll see what happens.

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