Today In Swagbucks (6/29/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy.

TSG's First Post(8:00 AM): Twitter Tuesday Phrase that Pays - 6/29
The word of today's Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays was Swagdependence. In order to enter the contest, follow these steps:
  • First, make sure you have a Twitter account, it's free to create an account and sign up.
  • Second, make sure you follow Swag Bucks.
  • Third, create a message in 140 characters or less that has BOTH Swagdependence and '@swagbucks'. The more creative the better!
  • Fourth, enter that message into the "What's Happening" box on the Home screen. Hit the "Tweet" button to broadcast your message to the world, and sit back and wait for TSG to (hopefully) award you for your wit and creativity.
The announcement for who wins will be on Today in Swagbucks tomorrow.

TSG's Second Post(10:00 AM): Beat THIS Prize...
Go ahead and beat it because this Sound Percussion 5-Piece Drum Set could be yours. A single entry to this Swagstakes is 26 Swagbucks. The winner will be drawn in less than 14 hours. So take the first step to be the rock star you've always wanted to be.

TSG's Third Post(12:00 PM): Our last Winning Winners
This blog post involves screenshots and in order to not have the screenshots taken by TSG on here I'll just give you a link to the post.

TSG's Fourth Post(2:00 PM): The Healing Power Of Jewelry
Another post that involves a link because I can't summarize the words of The Swag Gals' answers. They are just too good.

TSG's Fifth Post(4:00 PM): You Have The Power
To try and get rid of spammers TSG told you how you can help. The way is by flagging them.
Click on flag

Then click on report

Then choose why your reporting

TSG thanks you and so do all the committed members to the Facebook branch of Swagbucks

TSG's Sixth Post(4:00 PM): Video Game Sale... Ending... Thursday...
The 25% off of all video games in the Swagstore sale is all over at the end of tomorrow, which is the end of June if you didn't know. So make sure if you want one of those video games in the Swagstore, get it tomorrow. Not enough Swagbucks, then time to do some more Special offers.

Well, there you have it. Busy day in Swagbucks. Surprising right? I think not.

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