Neobux Guide: Strategy and Tips

Hello, this post is about another money making website called Neobux. I decided that now would be a good time to tell you guys some strategies that I've been using. NOTE: I haven't been on the site too long, so it's not like I've made a ton of money off this yet, but it is legit.

First, if you haven't signed up for Neobux, do so by clicking on the banner at the top of this page. Once that is done take a look at the next section.

The first strategy is about renewing. When you want to renew or extend your referrals rental, always choose to extend for 90 days because it gives you a 20% discount. When you extend the rental of a referral your going to want to extend only the ones that give you good results, or a good average. I extend all the referrals that have over a 1.2 average. You can make the average line less or more if you want.

Another strategy is about recycling. Recycling is when you trade-in one of your inactive referrals for a new one. This action will cost you $0.07. So the first thing I must say is DON'T GO CRAZY WITH RECYCLING. Countless people try to recycle referrals too much and it costs them a ton of money. My rule is that when a referral hasn't clicked in 5 days I recycle them. You can change a bit if you want but you might want to base it off of that.

The last strategy is to use the forum. Neobux has a forum, so use it. They have sections for people to post their stats. Find people that have had success and ask them questions or they might have tips right on it. Also there is another section for personal success stories. Those topics are filled with tips. Just make sure to use the forum to your advantage.

The first tip helps a ton. Make sure you click on ads every day or as often as possible, because if you don't click on at least 4 ads in a day, the next day your referrals clicks don't count.

Next tip is to upgrade to a Golden Membership as fast as possible. It's not necessary, but it does help a lot.

Another tip is to get direct referrals. Those cost no money to keep and no money to get. But they reward you greatly by their clicks. So the more of those you have the better off you are.

The last tip is to save up for referrals before cashing out. People want to make money fast but building up referrals is a way to make the most money, so be patient and build up some good referrals.

So now you know how to be successful on Neobux. Referrals, direct and rented are the only way to make big money off it. So be my direct referral by signing up for Neobux here. Thanks in advance. More strategy guides and things will come up as a learn more and earn more to become a golden member.

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