Help Swagbucks and get 5 Swagbucks

There's a new Facebook app called Wall of Winners. You can share you victories on this app, for example anytime you get Swagbucks, which TSG though you'd like. Also you can get a 5 Swagbuck code on there until 12:00 PM PST tomorrow. Also if he reaches the wall of winners he promises to donate some Swag Gear to Goodwill. So just follow this steps written by TSG:
1. Go to the WOW App on Facebook and build your profile - you get 20 free thumbs just for registering.

2. Click on the "Wall of Losers" link to the left - you'll see me sitting at the top. (sniff) Click on my picture to head to my profile page:

3. Give me a Thumbs Up by clicking the green thumb button - When you do, you'll receive a special Swag Code (#2 for the day) that'll snag you a 5 spot!

Play around with WOW for a while, post some Swagbucks wins. So take some screenshots of those Swagbucks you're getting.

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