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Introduction to Referrals
The best way to get swagbucks, by far is referrals. Referrals are people you bring to the site. When a person you referred gets a swagbuck by searching you get one too. You can get up to 100 swagbucks they get. In order to get a referral you must use your special link or the banners that are on your page. On the top of the page find the black bar then look on it for Promote. Click it and when it scrolls down press on Promote Banners. When you click on it, it will go to a page that you'll see a guy with a speech bubble with a link inside. That's your referral link and if you scroll down you'll see tons of banners you can choose. Put those on your website or anywhere you want. By the way use the html code not the img code.

Given to me by Adam S. Thanks Adam

First Referrals
The way to start getting referrals is to get your close friends to join. Having them join first is good because they are most likely to be active referrals. And you can always to get them to be more active by bugging them about it. If you are having trouble getting your friends to join, try this tip. Save your swagbucks and order something small from the swag store. Once it arrives at your house, use that to prove to them swagbucks really works.

Getting to 50 Referrals
Once you get your first couple referrals, let's say about 10 to 20, you'll need to branch off a bit. Go for people in your community but maybe not as close to you. Keep trying to make sure they stay active. Go around school and put up some fliers(with permission, of course). Also try to find a place online to advertise(that allows it). Maybe make a video and post it on youtube. The video could be about how to win swagbucks or showing people what you have won.

Getting A Steady Flow of Referrals
Once you have a lot of ACTIVE referrers you should start to find a way to reach everyone you can. You might want to start a blog like this one. The best thing you can do is help people not just try and get more people. People will keep coming back if you try to help. Another thing you can do is get something big like a game system or something a lot of people would want. Then make a video of you unboxing it. Tell them that you got it for free with swagbucks and that it's really easy. Make sure they know your not just trying to make them join for your benefit, let them know that it's a actually a cool site. In your blog and videos you can put tips to getting more swagbucks, although you have probably already been doing this, these tips will seem better. People will think your tips are better because you have become successful using them and will want to try to. This will bring a lot of people to your videos and blog. The last thing is redeeming for a Swagbucks T-Shirt. I've heard many people saying that they were walking around and had people asking them what Swagbucks was. This will probably not get you as many as the other tips but every referral counts.

Now that you have learned the three steps to getting referrals you should start trying them out now. If you have any questions or have another tip I can add either comment this post or email me: Please put in here how this advice was and how many referrals your able to get. Good luck!

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