Today in Swagbucks (5/21/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy. Sorry about missing the last two days. Busy, trying to keep all my grades a B or higher. Today there were youtube videos in almost every post, so i'll just provide links to those blog posts and summarize any of the ones without a youtube video.

TSG's First Post(8:00 AM): Happy Mega Swagbucks Friday
Every Friday Swagbucks celebrates Mega Swagbucks Day. You can win more Swagbucks in higher intervals in one search. Go to Swagbucks twitter feed to see TSG retweet a bunc h of wins that users from Swagbucks post. To post a picture upload it using TwitPic, then include @swagbucks and #MSBD in your tweet. It might be retweeted by Swagbucks.

TSG's Second Post(10:00 AM): Swag Bucks Live!
Members of the Swagbucks Team will be in Columbus, Ohio at the Rock on the Range Festival at Crew Stadium. They are going to be collecting old phones for their phone recycling program. The booth will be outside the main gate and you'll get to spin the Swag Wheel if you bring in any old phones. Every spin is a win, so it's worth it. If you go in some Swagbucks gear they'll give you 100 Swagbucks.

TSG's Third Post(12:00 PM): Friday Funny
The Swag Gal posted a video of a guy doing an impression of Sir Ian McKellan Doing the theme from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Find this post here.

TSG's Fourth Post(2:00 PM): Enter the Los Lonely Boys Swastakes TODAY!
Make sure if you like the Los Lonely Boys, that you enter the Swagstakes for the Los Lonely Boys signed Guitar. It's 10 Swagbucks to enter and only has like 21 hours left as I write this blog post(ME not TSG). Also check out the Los Lonely Boys Search Engine.

TSG's Fifth Post(4:00 PM): Summer Movie Preview: MacGruber & Shrek Forever After
This post has trailers for the Movies TSG is previewing, check them out here.

TSG's Sixth Post(6:00 PM): ...and Now We End Out Broadcast Day
I won't even summarize this because this comes from past experiences of TSG so here's the post. "When I was a kid, television stations would sign off late at night (or early in the morning, depending on your point of view) with the Star Spangled Banner. I thought it might be fun to sign off of the blog for the day.

Keep in mind, this video lasts about 5 minutes. I happen to think it's worth it.

So my Swaggernauts, thanks for another amazing week! I'll see you guys tomorrow, but until then..."
Then there is a video find on the blog post itself here.

Again, sorry for not posting the Today in Swagbucks for yesterday and the day before I've been busy. And clearly so has The Swag Guy. Another Six-Post day, is there ever a slow day on Swagbucks? I'm glad there isn't, this much work is paying off in earning me and all the other swaggernauts money. I tip my hat off to you Swag Guy. Thanks so much to you and to all you readers.

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