Today in Swagbucks (5/26/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy.

TSG's First Post(8:00 AM): Ask The Swag Gal: May 26th, 2010
Another Ask The Swag Gal Answer Post calls for another link to the Swagbucks blog instead of an explanation. It's better to read exactly what The Swag Gal said.

TSG's Second Post(10:00 AM): Open Hailing Frequencies!
Even though I already mentioned this on this Today In Swagbucks on TSG's Second Post Summary. TSG mentioned it again so I will too. The drawing for the phone call from Lt. Uhura from Star Trek is September 1st. 11 Swagbucks will get you a single entry for this swagstakes. So if you like Star Trek get your entries. If you don't like Star Trek, then i'm with you there, but also just move onto TSG's next post.

TSG's Third Post(12:00 PM): Twitter Tuesday Phrase that Pays - 5/26
The winners of the Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays for yesterday's contest, which you can find on the first post summary in this Today In Swagbucks. The word was Swag Vader and the honorable mentions are:
"@SwagBucks Swag Vader may have mastered the Dark Side of #swagbucks, but onlu Gen. Akbar know just when to shout, 'IT'S A SWAG CODE!'" - leftnwrite08 of Flagstaff, AZ (Gotta love an Ackbar reference)
"@swagbucks the secret is finally out..TSG is Swag Vader in disguise. RUN!!" - Pontmercy of Joliet, IL (Rats! Now everyone knows!)
"'I find your lack of @swagbucks disturbing.' - Swag Vader" - Edevoli of Forty Fort, PA (Nice Quote!)
And the winner of a brand new, crisp, 500 Swag Buck Bill is jelyei of New York for a humorously Star Wars-ish look at referrals:
"'He will join us or die, my master,' responded Swag Vader when asked about Luke, his new @SwagBucks referral."
Check out the blog next tuesday for the next contest's word and the rules.

TSG's Fourth Post(2:00 PM): There's a KILLER Code Coming next week!
You can get this Swagcode by checking the wall of Killers on Facebook. You must become a fan to get the code, so go over there quickly. You can find Killers Merchandise in the Swagstore. This movie is starring Ashton Kutcher, my favorite actor(ME not TSG) and Katherine Heigl. Check out the trailer here.

TSG's Fifth Post(4:00 PM): We're Giving You Some Credit Here...
The extra 50% of the Swagbucks you will get from any trade-ins you made during the Go Green Promotion in April, will be credited between May 31st and June 2nd. Also during that week you'll get the amount of Swagbucks you need to get the full 1000 Swagbucks you were supposed to get for the Mother's Day Promotion.

TSG's Sixth Post(6:00 PM): We're Giving You Some Credit Here...
Did you know there is a swagstakes for the District 9, the movie produced by Peter Jackson? 14 Swagbucks will snag you an entry to this Swagstakes, with only 69 Entries left(probably less by the time your reading this). So go grab an entry here.

Today was another busy day of posting for TSG. I wonder how many words he can type per minute. Well I'll have a new post tomorrow night. Have fun all, take a look around the blog you might find some stuff that interests you. Now, for me, I'll keep watching the Magic Game.

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