Today in Swagbucks (5/17/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy.

TSG's First Post(8:00 AM): Poll Round-Up
TSG's First Post of the day was a round-up of last week's polls. Since this is just pictures of polls, i will just give you the link:

TSG's Second Post(10:00 AM): Winning Word Results
TSG started off this post by making a point in saying how delighted he was about the amount of entries, about 2000, into the contest. This contest was that Swaggernauts enter a snapshot of their winning words on their searches. The winner was Swaggernaut Dragonfire. He searched "I Give Up", which was ironic because this made him win twice. Once for the search and once for the contest.

TSG's Third Post(12:00 PM): Music Monday: Swagensteins ROCK!
This post is a weekly post about a song that TSG likes. Since there is a video embedded and I'd rather not embed a video into this kind of post here's the link: The Post

TSG's Fourth Post(2:00 PM): Easy Swag Bucks Throughout May
TSG makes an announcement in this post that if you upload a photo to Swagbucks and activate Facebook connect, then you can get 13 Swagbucks. The Swagbucks will be awarded during the first week of June. But the deadline to submit the photo and connect to Facebook is May 31st. If you have already been rewarded for uploading the photo or connecting to Facebook, you will not make another 13 Swagbucks. But if you haven't it's an easy 13.

TSG's Fifth Post(4:00 PM): Put A Lid On It
TSG's fifth post of the day was rewarding. It had a Swagcode hunt, but that's long over. The post was also talking about a part of the Swagstore where you can get some nice headware. It's the Peter Grimm Headwear section to the store.

TSG's Sixth Post(6:00 PM): Searches with IMPACT!
Another featured branch of Swagbucks search and win site post. This post was all about the TNA Search. This search and win site gives you access to exclusive gear from TNA like shirts, posters, and DVDs.

This has been extremely busy day on Swagbucks. TSG deserves a vacation from all that typing. Although I wouldn't want him gone even for a second. But this post took a long time so I'm ready to relax and watch the rest of 24. So with todays posts good and done, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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