Today in Swagbucks (5/24/10)

Today In Swagbucks is a daily post which serves as a brief description of all of The Swag Guy's Blog Posts during the day. It takes less time to read then on the Swagbucks Blog, but still has all the important information. Enjoy. Sorry I didn't post it last night, I was sick.

TSG's First Post(8:00 AM): Poll Round-Up
Another Poll-Up Blog Post is up which means another link to a TSG post due to the fact that adding pictures on here makes the posts look worse. Take a look though. It's interesting stuff.

TSG's Second Post(10:00 AM): Music Monday: The Girl From North Country
Robert Allen Zimmerman is 69 years old today. He would change his name to Bob Dylan and his music inspired many musicians including The Beatles. Now TSG offered a clip of Dylan singing The Girl From North Country. Go directly to the video here.

TSG's Third Post(12:00 PM): From Rocker To Apprentice
TSG presents another featured branch of Swagbucks. Poison's Bret Michaels made an appearance on the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice. So for all the Poison fans out there search on the Poison branch of Swagbucks. That's the best way to get some Poison Merchandise.

TSG's Fourth Post(2:00 PM): Strike Up The Band!
Check out the Musical Instruments Section of the Swag Store. Swaggernauts could start a band with all the instruments they can find there.

TSG's Fifth Post(4:00 PM): Go On - Mix It Up A Little...
The Sunbeam Stand Mixer is the featured Swagstakes of this post. If you like to cook this is a great item to get. Especially if you like cookies. It has 12 different speeds so you can take your time making the cookies or speed it up to make those cookies quick. Just 9 Swagbucks per entry for the possibility of cookies and more.

TSG's Sixth Post(6:00 PM): Picture+Facebook Connect=13
If you upload your picture and connect to facebook you'll earn 13 Swagbucks. This MUST be done by May 31st. Then you'll get the bucks during the first week of June. Make sure that you click one of the six options for Facebook settings. You won't be awarded the Swagbucks if you already got 13 Swagbucks for either the Photo or the Facebook Connection.

Just finished the post finally. Still not feeling good. But I hope you all get good information from this post. Make sure to check out the rest of my blog. There are some great features and just look around. I'll be back later tonight for another Today In Swagbucks. And who knows maybe there will be a post around dinnertime too. Thanks to all my readers.

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