Now It's YOUR Turn

I want to update you guys on how I'm doing on Swagbucks. Currently I have around 400 Swagbucks. and have redeemed $55 in Amazon Gift Cards. I write about things that I think you Swaggernauts need help with. But who knows if I'm writing about the stuff that my readers really need help with. So if you could do me(and yourselves) a favor and post a comment under this post or send me an email: with suggestions for more Swagbucks help posts. Also comment on this post about how you are doing on Swagbucks. Now's the time to brag and talk about how you get most of your Swagbucks and what you spend them on. I will be reading the comments and helping you guys as well as I can. Thanks to all of you. My 2000th View post will be coming soon.

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