Sidetick TV - A New Way To Earn by Watching Video

People love watching TV. People love earning money. Why not combine the two? Well Sidetick has done it and quite well, I might add.

Sidetick is a social networking website that pays you. You can earn on Sidetick by commenting on daily blog posts by Jenny Stein answering her "Question of the Day"! This will earn you $0.13. Not a lot, but for a few seconds work, it's not bad.

But now Sidetick added "Sidetick TV" to the mix. So now you can earn while watching TV online. Pretty cool, right? That's not all! You can have it in a different tab and be doing something else and still earn money! (In fact, I'm doing so right now.) Although, I expect an update to that soon.

So how do you start earning money on Sidetick TV? Just go to the page, sign up, and start watching TV. It's really that simple. What are you waiting for?

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  1. I used Swagbucks and I have to say its so slow. After struggling, I found another website similar and got right on. Luckily, I have over $600 and I had no regrets at all. Just easy polls, answering questions was all I had to do. Comparing both I was amazed of how much I made. Try it and good luck

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